“My little dog – the heartbeat at my feet.”

Edith Wharton

The adorable (but slightly barky) puppy goes by many names – NaNa, Delilah, Spaniel, Crackers, Bean – but most notable, is Nootsie (yes Nootsie, like Tootsie….Roll). True to her moniker in A Lemon Tree For Wilshire, Nootsie is what we like to call in our house EXPRESSIVE. Ahh, but after 11 years we’ve grown to love her very vocal nature – though, I can’t confirm the same for our neighbors!

The concept of  the adorable (but slightly barky) puppy was a natural fit for my story. When I reflect on our journey to grow our family, well quite simply, it started with our sweet, spirited and expressive Nootsie – it was only natural that she would accompany our young superhero on his magical journey. Similarly, the active role that Nootsie’s character plays in ultimately completing our family is an acknowledgement to the unbreakable bond between Nootsie and my daughter Scarlett – love unconditional – and Nootise will attest to this as Scarlett definitely pushes boundaries.

This sweet barky puppy has had our hearts for the past 11 years. She is truly the small heartbeat at our feet, the start of our beautiful family tree. So, on this International Dog Day, I am truly honored to pay tribute to our forever puppy – Nootsie.

Keep barking girl, keep barking!