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My husband’s support

I didn’t begin this story with husband, but I will end it with him because without him I would not have made it through this journey. My husband was also grieving, but all too often, in those dark moments, my grief overshadowed my husband’s grief. Not only did he have to cope with his own pain, but he had to witness the person that he loved the most crushed under the weight of this loss, no longer the same person he knew, but someone very different.

My husband was steadfast and unwavering in his faith that we would be OK and that the person he loved most would return. And only through his faith in me and our family could I finally find light in the darkness.

So, in tribute to my amazing husband, who is normally so reserved and private, I would like to share his words with you in a post where he publicly broke his silence (to my surprise) after the birth of our daughter Scarlett. I’ve also shared these words in my book A Lemon Tree for Wilshire:  

“After years of immeasurable loss and despair, both William and his little sister Scarlett are proof that miracles happen. They are proof that you should never give up on your dreams no matter how dark things may seem. We have learned over the last several years how many couples silently struggle with the loss of pregnancies. This loss can cripple a couple and destroy all motivation to move forward for fear of more pain. Our family suffered multiple losses, and had it not been for the support and love of our family, friends, and complete strangers who suffered the same loss as us, I’m not certain we would have made it through the darkness. For those of you who have suffered loss, beautiful children like William and Scarlett offer you hope.”

Cory Wilson, Daddy to William and Scarlett

Never lose hope

I would like to end by acknowleding that each of you reading this has likely experienced loss or supported someone you love through loss. Although we are all at different points in our healing process, there is significant power in sharing our stories and connecting as a community. Remember: resources are available to help you, so don’t feel like you are alone. Reach out to communities like this and to people like me.

You are not alone, and you must always remember that there is hope.

Thank you for joining me over the past seven weeks as I shared my infertility story with you! If you liked what you read, then I encourage you to share it with others who might be going through a similar experience and who might be helped by hearing from someone who can relate.

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